Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkin Cookies

The other night I had the evening to myself. Something rare but quite lovely. I cleaned, organized, worked out, and BAKED! Of course, it's something I cherish and enjoy but don't do it nearly enough. I decided that since I bought enough pumpkin to last me the year(I wish) I would start my pumpkin cookies. I forgot the confectioners sugar though, which is quite tragic so I haven't started the glaze yet. So I have pumpkin cookies without the sweetness, so wrong. Anywho, here's the method to my madness.

You start off with flour.
Then baking powder
Baking soda

And cinnamon.
Not going to lie, I'm the queen of flava and added some other random spices in there. Some I can't even remember because I got a little carried away in spice heaven.
Now, my favorite part...the wet ingredients!

Eggs, pumpkin and vanilla.
I got carried away and threw it all in there. Oh and I put more cinnamon, no such thing as too much.

Oh pumpkin dough.
Such a lovely thing.

Dollops of yumminess.

Put it in the oven, put it in the oven.
There ya go. Waiting for the glaze.

I'm posting the recipe on my facebook page:
Happy Thursday! 


  1. YUM! I've been making pumpkin just about everything lately, can't believe I forgot to think of pumpkin cookies!!!

  2. Everywhere I look there are pumpkin goodies! These look delish! I have to make something soon! :)

  3. MMm, I love all of the uses of pumpkin as fall weather rolls around!