Friday, October 8, 2010

Peach Pie Please

Yesterday was quite glorious. It all started at 5 a.m when I woke up and showered. After my shower I made my homemade pumpkin spice latte (not really a latte but it sounds prettier), got ready for work, and did my devotions. My daily devotions come from "Jesus Calling," and I also am reading the New Testament. After having a pretty rough and exhausting day before, the devotion was perfect. The devotion was about not letting my circumstances define who I think God is.
 "Jenny, I love you. Always. Allow my grace to shine through your day. Stay in constant communication with me and give me those moments."
You know those days where you're having a bad day? Are you still praising God? Sometimes I don't. All I think about is what's happening to me and how I don't like it.
Instead of feeling God's love and grace through those circumstances, I'm allowing those circumstances to define God.

Work was better yesterday. I came in cheerful, happy and energized. We went to the Sudanese Center to do our monthly monitoring and then we went to a Sudanese Restaurant with Gat, the executive director. His story is amazing. He spent most of the lunch explaining his journey from Sudan to America. I can't even express the feelings I felt during it. Let's just say I had tears in my eyes almost the whole time. Absolutely amazing.

Since I got off work a little earlier than usual, I had a lot of the evening to myself. I worked out and then showered. As I was relaxing and watching The Office, I kept thinking about how much I wanted to bake. You see, I love baking.
It's a pure joy in my life. But I don't do it nearly enough because I don't think I can. But I've nipped that in the bud, I CAN do it. And I will.
I'd love to start sending stuff to people. I love baking but I don't eat it really. A couple bites maybe but I'd rather give it to someone else. So, if you have a request or want something, e-mail/message/facebook, something! I'd love to do it.

I digress.
I layed in bed thinking, I really don't want to go to the store. So what could I make with what I have?
I have flour.
I've never made pie before, 1st attempt was actually quite impressive if I say so myself.

Here it goes.

You start off with butter and flour. LOTS.

Mush it around with your hands. BY far my favorite. You may think it's weird, but I was in heaven doing this.

My hand is in there somewhere, but it starts forming into clumps.
Take this lovely mound and stick it in the freezer, please.

While the mound of bliss is freezing, boil and cut up the peaches.
Toss them in sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, and cornstarch.
I stuck that back in the fridge.

30 minutes later, my mound is ready to be flattened.
No rolling pin? That's ok.
Pasta sauce will work!


Looking good..

Carefully drape it over the pie pan. Don't FORGET the grease! Please.

At this point, I am the most excited person in the world.

Poke holes in the crust.

I can probably improve on the lattice topping.

Baking at 400 degrees for about 35 minutes

I successfully created my first ever homemade pie.

I love my apron. I think it's my good luck apron.
Thanks Mommy! :)

I'll post the recipe on my facebook!

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