Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've got Joy

Happy Hump Day! After yesterdays somber-like mood, today I'm the complete opposite. Maybe it's because I went to bed at seven?

My alarm went off at the usual 5:15 a.m and I popped right out of bed and immediately brewed my new favorite coffee. I love it! Not too bitter but still strong. I like the spice in it and it works great with my homemade pumpkin spice coffee recipe!

After that I started my morning routine of doing my devotional and my New Testament Reading and then continued on (I'll leave the details out of this one).

Now let me just state that if I don't leave my apartment at 6:50 precisely I end up driving with the demons. We'll just leave it at that.

Anywho, to keep a long story short I always put my shake in the freezer right after I make it to get it just a little colder.
Well, I go gather my things and then go open the freezer up to get the shake and falls. FALLS everywhere. There is green frozen juice everywhere. How do you even clean that up? That's what I asked myself this morning. By the time I left my apartment it was 7:10.
Oh my goodness.
During and after this though, I kept talking to myself saying that this is nothing. Worse things could happen, so I just brushed it right off and continued on my way.

So after a day starting off a bit rocky but yet turning into quite the delight, I thought it'd be perfect to share with you my likes and dislikes of a day such as this.

I like my green shake.

I dont' like that my coffee is all gone.
 I like my smart water.

I don't like that during the spill, I got green juice on my white shirt. No shout wipes.
 I like my hubba bubba.

I also like the first ever Jenny Bean Bar.

The best part of the day though, comes after work. I'm doing something that I've dreamed of doing since I can remember. I can't wait to share all about it.
Today is a good hump day. I realize that things may start off sketchy and rough, but in the end nothing can steal your happiness or your joy.

You should listen to this song and remind yourself to keep it yours and don't let anyone take it from you.
Never Gonna Steal My Joy

Proverbs 17:22 - "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."

What do you like about today?
What do you not like about today?


  1. I "like" that I got a run in today (after a week off due to ITB pain)

  2. You went to bed at 7pm?! I was about to be really jealous until I saw that you woke up at 5am ;) What I like about today...Hmmm...the fact that I've been CRAZY productive! I work from home, so sometimes it's a struggle!

  3. LOVE that verse!
    what is that bar? that sounds AMAZING!!! :)

  4. I made it homemade! I'll post a recipe soon on my recipe page!