Monday, November 4, 2013


This past Saturday I ran a semi-easy 6 miles. I realize this is A LOT to a lot of people and it's a lot to me. Don't let all this double digit mileage fool you! Every run has it's own particular challenge, even if it's only one mile.

We met up at Centennial Park to run a small part of this Saturdays running route. I went to physical therapy the day before because I've been having a lot of knee pain. Turns out it's my IT band which means a lot of foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening exercises.

The PT cleared me to run on Saturday and taped me up so there wouldn't be too much pain involved. He said if I started to limp or if the pain hit a certain point, I need to stop and scale back. Miles 1-3 were pretty easy and I was gliding along. I could definitely feel my knee and there was a tiny twinge, but it was tolerable. At the turnaround point, mile 3, it started to hurt a little more. By mile 4, I started incorporating a lot more walking. If I started to limp, I'd walk and then start running again. I'll definitely be walking this marathon, unless a miracle happens and it's all better by Saturday. I'm OK with walking, though. I don't have a time goal, I just want to finish. I might do some intervals so jog, walk, jog, walk just to make sure I can last the whole time.

I'll probably check back in later this week to give a pre-marathon update.

I can't believe it's this Saturday! YAY!

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