Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Be Willing"

The title for today's devotion starts off with the words "be willing." When I read that, I hold my breath. business classes we discuss what a customer is, or what a "good" is. It can be defined as something "willing" or "able" to be bought or to buy. It can't be only one of those either. A customer must be willing to purchase that good and also capable. On this december 9th devotion, Jesus is talking to me about being willing to commit to Him. He promises me pain, tears, but also joy. It states, "If your primary focus is on Me, you can walk along perilous paths without being afraid." So, to tie the business definition to God's call to me, in order to be a "customer" to God's love, I must be willing. I cannot just pray everynight and expect miracles. I cannot work soup kitchens and go to church every Sunday and expect his glory. I must be WILLING to commit my life, my fears, my pain, and my joy in Him. This may all make no sense to anything or anyone other than me...but I see it. I can wake up everyday and be scared of what will be thrown at me...or I can wake up every morning and say "Bring it." Throw at me whatever you wish, because NOTHING can take my joy away if God is with me. I don't want to fail my tests anymore. I want to believe that I am at a specific place for a reason. I want to truly believe that no matter what is thrown at me...God will protect me.

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