Thursday, January 14, 2010

My weakness is

I read my devotion today, and it was God telling me to embrace my weaknesses. [So does the verse say that I Become smaller so that he may become bigger have anything to do with this?] Anywho...I began writing in my journal and then changed directions and talked about my devotion. I then thought..."I want to learn my weaknesses. I want to know what God created smaller in me so He could see me make it bigger through him..?"

Are weaknesses created in us for a reason? Are they meant to remain weaknesses in us? Or are weaknesses considered challenges to be stronger and maybe eventually make it a strength?

Could be a bit farfeched...but I believe it right now. I believe that if I find my weaknesses, my true weaknesses, I can see it as a challenge to turn it into a strength.
I'll start figuring it out :)

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