Monday, March 1, 2010

A friendly meeting

I am eternally grateful for all the people God puts in my life. Today I met with Mrs. Elliott and it was glorious in my own words. Talking about life, tragedy, struggle, heartache, and redemption all at the same time and only gaining hope and security from it, is what I would call a good conversation.

A common topic was how God chooses to often "kill two birds with one stone." When I was discussing a personal struggle on behalf of a friend, she asked: "What have you learned from the situation?" Hm..
I hadn't thought of this before. How often are we presented with situations like helping a friend through a dark moment, or a struggle and we preach/preach/preach...but do we ever listen? When God puts me in someone else's life to help assist in any struggle...I must learn to think what does He want me to learn from it?

I challenge myself and others to now...when dealing with any situation..your own or a friends...think of why God may be putting it in our life.

Like Mrs. Elliott stated... treat each situation as a different class in a school day. What can you take and learn from it? Allow God to be the teacher...and listen.
(it's ok to ask questions...or do the wrong thing) :)

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