Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A common theme I'm finding in my life. I'm preaching often to others the fact that someone is always with them/you/me. OH, How important it is to know, "you are not alone."
Although being alone is something I most commonly avoid, it is definitely the time in which I accomplish my greatest things. Prayer, Thought, Stories, Homework, Goals..etc. I accomplish who I am when I listen to God and allow Him to speak to me. I may run away from my silence, but sometimes when I finally sit, I realize who it is God wants me to be.

My prayer today is that I can remain loyal and obedient to God. I may not pray as much as I should, I may think or worry too much, but in the end it is God who is with me. I am never alone even when I may think I am.

My prayer again, is for God to work in my heart so that I may require His voice throughout my day.

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