Monday, February 28, 2011

gloomy days

I think the only word that is applicable to this Monday-day is gloomy. I wake up to the sound of rain and piddle through my morning wishing it were already night-time. To brighten things up, I put on my bright and cheerful spring-like yellow cardigan. I fixed my coffee and was out the door for an immediate face off to the Monday morning gloomson traffic! Argh.


Anywho, I arrive to work and begin my day with a Chobani greek yogurt (blueberry) with chia seeds sprinkled in. I've been neglecting my hydration so I thought it'd be a good idea to add in some powerhouse hydraters. I'll devote an entire post to the beloved chia seed sometime soon, I promise!

Well, I'm crunched for time but I'll end on this note. (no pun intended) :) I am lucky to have such an amazing fiance. Not only did he write me this sweet note but he also surprised me with coffee while I was at work. Coffee never fails to perk me up especially when it's brought to me by someone else! He knows just the way to my heart:)

So, what do you do to perk up your gloomy days?


  1. I was upset when I went to bad last night (Sunday), so I knew I was going to start the week on the wrong foot having to go to work and such. However, I randomly got a text from my boyfriend during lunchtime telling me how much he loves me. I'm still out of it, but it's good to have those people in our lives to reassure us.

    Speaking of gloomy, I should really make an effort to get some fresh air...

  2. Aw! That's so sweet! I love little notes, and especially when they come when they're desperately needed! Hope you can get back on your feet and have a better day, fresh air is always a good thing:)

  3. How cute:) Little things like that help so much!

  4. Coffee and specialty-cofeee drinks really perk me up, too! Love it!

    My fiance also gives me a lot of support — Not like I ask for it, he's just that good to me!