Thursday, March 17, 2011

add a little spice

In the recent years, I have gained a strange craving for anything and everything spicy. I love foods with red peppers, hot sauce, or a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. It's rather strange and I don't really know why I've become addicted to such hot spices. Although I love it and sprinkle this stuff on everything, it's caused a slight disruption in my body.

In addition to my love for spicy foods, I also seem to be attracted to acidic (FRUIT!) foods. After I eat anything with heavy spices or something acidic , I get really bad heart burn and sometimes stomach cramps.
I found this little chart showing that your 75-80% of your diet should consist of these foods:

This chart represents the other 20% of your diet, of course coffee is there! I would have to admit that my diet is fairly acidic, so I'm going to have to start making changes. [My beloved pistachios are there too!]

One little change I've noticed to help immensely, is to cold brew my coffee.
I have heard(not positive it's true) that if you do not use hot water to brew your coffee, the acid is not released and the bitterness is not as aparent. The cold brewed coffee is definitely not as hard on my body so I will continue to do this until I'm proven otherwise.

To cold brew my coffee, I use my french press. At night, I make it using cold water and stick it in the fridge to steep overnight. In the morning, I pour it in my coffee cup and zap it until it's hot. With me heating it in the microwave, I may still be releasing some acidity but I still do not think it's as much. Over the summer, I plan to just drink iced coffee to fix this problem. :)

Now I need to go study the alkaline foods...oi!

Do you have sensitivities to acidic foods? Which ones seem to be the worst?

Don't forget about my cookie question:)

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