Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well, hello! It's been a while.

I created a new blog to document my cakes and creations, and then realized, what's the point? I've had this blog for so long and I've been scattered with it, but I'm just going to stay here. I've been busy with baking and party planning, and I've neglected on capturing it all, but I wanted to do a picture post. Hopefully I'll eventually get back into the blogging world, but for now I'll stick with pictures.
Most of these were taken with an iphone and edited through instagram.

A one year old boy's birthday party (it was a monster cake) This was for a sweet friend!

I was making cake balls for a birthday party, and I managed to wear the chocolate. I'm getting much more comfortable with making these, it's been a learning process perfecting the cake ball!

Christmas time called for peppermint chocolate cookies

Ya'll, this was the first wedding cake (tier'd) I've EVER made. I'll have to do a post on the step by step process for making a wedding cake!

I was one proud lady, so shocked it was standing!

Flower topper done by #NicoleArbuckleFlowers

wedding cookies

First time with swiss meringue buttercream, LOVE the texture. This was the crumbcoat

The consistency of the meringue, I'll do a tutorial someday.

Swiss meringue produces a clean, silky texture.

This wedding I made 16 cakes, an assortment of vanilla, chocolate, and spice

Cream cheese frosting and spice cake

The baby wedding cake

Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes

A birthday cake for a sweet lady who loves coral and turqoise

Strawberry cake in the making

Not the best I've ever done, a portrayal of olympic opening ceremony celebration

A rose cake with an ombre design

I'm trying to master the vanilla cake

the 16 cakes display

Baby shower cupcakes, I did 70.

My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate one year, sweet moments.

I'm also trying to get back in running shape, I want to document my progress. I'll do a post here soon.

Have a happy weekend!

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