Thursday, August 22, 2013

Record breaking

The mission moment this past Saturday was heart jerking. This group and cause is so amazing, especially for what it does for families who are affected by Leukemia or Lymphoma. The mission moment was  given to us by a mom of a girl who suffers from Leukemia. She was diagnosed a few years ago and I think she was around 5 years old? It's been a few years now and she's in remission. Seriously, everyone, we're running weekly and raising money so we can help families like hers. Where children who are far too young to know what chemo is are completely submerged for years fighting this gruesome battle. The mom was saying that children that young are only given a few weeks to live because the disease strikes so hard, so they do intense chemo week after week. They're fighters, they're given weeks to live, and they fight. My hope is that my run and the money I raise will save at least one life because it's completely possible.

At this point in my training, every other week I will be running the farthest I've ever run. Last Saturday, the plan was to run 14-16 and I opted for 14, I'm trying not to get carried away :).  This weekend is considered a drop week so we will be running 12 miles and the following week will be 16-18! I am nervous just typing it out, that's a really long run.

This past Saturday we met up with the Fleet Feet folks at the new green hills store (it hasn't opened yet) and we ran a really scenic run. We started off on Hillsboro Road by the Donut Den and ran down Belle Meade Blvd, through Percy Warner Park, down to West End, and back. I felt pretty good during this run, until about mile 9 or 10. Luckily though, my GU that I took around mile 6 kicked in and it got me through! I tried the Strawberry banana flavor this time and it was good, not great. I am not a huge fan of the Gu's but I think they're going to be necessary for the longer runs.

An ice bath was completely necessary after this run. Even after doing this, I was sore for a few days.

After the run, a few of the TNT ladies were doing a bake sale. I scored this drink and it was fabulous.

Just a reminder, my Five Guys fundraiser (in Brentwood) will be on Tuesday, August 27th from 4-10pm. I really hope to see you there, buy a burger and it will go to a great cause! We also may have some raffles, but nothing is confirmed yet :)

Happy Thursday!

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