Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2 Months

Cooper is getting ready to officially turn 2 months old! Some fun facts for the month...

 He still loves his swing and he always moves his arms like he's dancing. 

 He started swatting at his toys. I have no idea if it's intentional (probably not) but it's more movement than before

 His little lips are perfect

 Cloth diapering is going great

 He's getting rolls! I just want to pinch them all day long.

 His smile is contagious. He is always smiling and I love it. I try to soak up each one as much as possible and I'm still waiting for his first giggle. I know when it does happen, I may cry. I have a feeling it will be the sweetest sound. Based on when he smiles, his favorite things are:

Diaper changes
 getting in his face and talking to him
 putting him to bed-which by the way, is SO hard not to smile back at him. I usually give in and smile back but I try not to since he should be sleeping :)
His daddy pinching his cheeks
The little bear mobile above his swing

His eyes are the sweetest color, they still have time to change but we have a feeling he may have his daddy's eyes

Love you, my sweet Cooper. 

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