Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3 months

A lot has happened this month!

To start off with, I discovered a book/app called The Wonder Weeks. It has been so awesome! At first I thought it was a hoax and just another baby know-it-all book, but I looked through it and to this date, it's been spot on. The coolest part about it is right after his period of being clingy/fussy, I notice the new skills he's acquired. This last one, the very next day(after two days of clingy/fussy) he started rolling onto his side, grabbing his toys, and talking and smiling more. His little personality is starting to shine through and he's a becoming very smiley baby.


He's more consistently sleeping through the night. For the most part, he averages about 9 hours so he will wake up between 5 and 6 and then I usually feed him and then he will sleep for another two hours. Some mornings I have to go in and wake him up which is quite the treasure because I get to grab my first cup of coffee before I get him!

He loves laying on his mat and he will kick his feet and grab at his toys. He doesn't seem to enjoy tummy time so we switch back and forth from his back to his tummy. He hasn't rolled over yet but he does roll onto his sides.

At 10 or 11 weeks we switched his moms on call schedule to the 8-16 week outline. So basically, he's  staying awake more and going to bed earlier. This schedule has been a little trickier for me to get a handle on (my own fault really). With that said, I've learned what his cues are for the most part so I just try and do what he needs and then I just stick to his dinner feed and bedtime routine as the same everyday. It seems to be working but the only downside is it's harder to make plans because I don't always know.... but if I really try, I can usually get him on whatever schedule I need him to be on by waking him up in the morning. I realize that if I woke him up every morning at the suggested time (7am) we probably wouldn't have this problem and I do plan to start doing it soon, but I'm honestly just soaking up all of this extra sleep he's giving me right now and he seems to be doing fine.

He's wearing 3-6month/6 month clothes. He has little thigh rolls and the most handsome double chin I ever did see.

He seems to have started teething. Or whatever it is, something is happening. He drools a lot, which let me tell you...babies drooling always grossed me out. Like, don't touch me because I might throw up. BUT, I love his drooly self. It's weird, but I think it's the sweetest, most precious thing. Drool on, cooper...drool on. He also always has his fists in his mouth and anyone who ever holds him knows, he will chew on your shoulder. It's caused a little fussiness so we give him gripe water some days when he really seems to ache and it helps. I also got him some amber beads to wear around his ankle. 

Which brings me to the topic of amber beads. Yes, I did my research before I purchased these magical beads and yes, I 90% believe they are a hoax and provide a very pure placebo effect (it's actually what I thought of the wonder weeks too) But guess what? I got them anyway. I don't feel comfortable with them being around his neck though, so I put them on his ankle...but my philosophy on the  matter basically boils down to it sure won't hurt him, so why not give them a shot? And, many moms swear they work so maybe they do something. 

((He weighs 16 pounds at 3 months, we have a big one!))
Moving on... 

He loves to do sit ups and he lovesssss standing. 

We now have a love/hate relationship with the swing. He still naps in it but not as often as he used to.

The bumbo seat is the funniest thing in the world and he'll sit in it for a few minutes a day.  Doesn't love it, doesn't hate it.

He gets distracted while he eats. This part I don't love but it's also a sweet little milestone. He finally started to eat faster and instead of feedings taking 30 min he was taking about 15-20 was great. But now...he gets distracted. He hears his daddy talking or a noise somewhere and he has to stop and look. Anywho, I'd say we are back to 20-30 min for feedings but in the grand scheme of things, it's no big deal. He sweet and I just want to bottle these days up for forever. 

This will seem ironic but middle of the night or early morning feedings are my favorite. We will just sit in the glider and he will cuddle with me the whole time. He likes to talk a lot during these feedings so him and I have a little conversation. I try has hard as I can to soak up every one of these moments, I know he's changing quickly and I'll lose these sweet moments soon.

He grabs on to things now. The toys hanging from his car seat he now pays attention to and he'll hold on to his binky and blankets.

For the finale…who do you think he looks like? :)

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