Monday, September 28, 2015

Life with a ONE year old

I did a great job at blogging Cooper's life in the beginning, then things got crazy. It's funny because I stopped blogging when he stopped sleeping all day :). I decided to start back up because I really do cherish the little updates and I love looking back on what he did at certain ages. I try to journal frequently but I also enjoy the quickness of typing it out. 

Life with Cooper has been such a joy. I have absolutely loved having him around. He smiles all the time, has the sweetest little giggle, and loves life. He's 14 months now and loves...

walking, eating, playing peek-a-boo, going on stroller rides, riding in the car, playing "dunk," going outside, rummaging through the cabinets, riding in the little tykes car, sitting on the couch, petting animals, watching "AH" (ABC'S), sleeping, playing with his cars and go "vroom vroom," Shelby, cuddling with his blanket and binky, putting on shoes, throwing things away (this has actually also been a negative, he throws EVERYTHING away so we have to keep an eye on him), and I could go on.

When he turned one, he went through a rough period. I think between his molars coming in (he is STILL working on them) and just transitioning from a baby to a toddler, it was hard on him. He became impatient, hard to soothe, and stopped napping. This is all so unlike him, he's generally an easy baby. For a while, I missed his sweet little self and easy going attitude. Well, lone behold, he's returned. I've absolutely loved this new stage we're in and he's so much fun. I love watching him explore and take in his surroundings. This past week we've started transitioning to one nap a day and it's working out really well for him. I put him down for about 30 minutes in the morning because he's not quite ready to go all morning without some rest. Around one I put him down for another nap and he sleeps for about 3.5 hours, on average. His bedtime is still the same, around 7p.m and he generally sleeps until 7a.m. (Before we transitioned to one nap, he was usually doing two, two hour naps). 

We still cloth diaper and I found that the trick is to put a little bleach in the load, usually every other load. It helps keep the diapers fresh and gives the cloth a good cleanse. We don't cloth 100% of the time but when we are home, we are usually doing cloth. I found that I don't like to mess with the cloth when we are on the go. Also, Cooper has quite the booty and sometimes he can't fit into certain pants if we cloth so we opt out if it's affecting what he wears:). 

I introduced milk when Cooper turned one. I stopped nursing right before he turned one for various reasons, one being that he started biting me. So we did formula for about a month and then transitioned him to coconut milk, almond milk, and organic whole milk (we alternate). I like the idea of him being exposed to different flavors and foods so I decided to switch up his milk. I try to stay away from too much dairy, so I am following that same guideline for Cooper. 

 Well, there it is. Happy 14th months, sweet boy!

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