Monday, September 28, 2015

4 months

4 months old! So many changes are happening and Cooper is officially no longer a newborn. I know he hasn't been one for quite some time but now he's actually like a baby, pre-toddler! He's smiling all the time, he's drooling like crazy, and he makes diaper changes impossible.

He's officially growing up, right before my eyes! I rejoice in each new thing he does but I also can't help but think back to when he was just a sleepy little gus. It's a really weird thing, but I adore him so that's all that matters. I should probably write a whole other post on motherhood challenges, things I didn't expect because it's crazy the things that come with having a baby. 

Like, for example, the clock. I never knew how much of my day would be ruled by the clock. 
7:00-wake up eat
8:30-getting a little fussy so it's nap time
10:30-gotta wake up the bambino, time to eat
12:00-time to go take a nap
2:00-wake him up again, unless he wakes up before this, either way it's time to eat!
3:00/3:30-nap, again! I sometimes think to myself there's no way it's time for him to go back to sleep, he just woke up! But, as you have it, he falls asleep right on schedule.
5:00-dinner time for the little guy
5:30-7:30-we never know what will be in store, maybe a little catnap, maybe not.

Just typing that out sort of wore me out. But I'll be honest, I love his little schedule. I understand not everyone puts their babies on a schedule but I have survived because of the schedule. I also think Cooper does well with it, so we are fans of Moms on Call. 

Anyways..about month 4!

Cooper loves his toes
He LOVES the exersaucer (we just introduced this last week, we are a fan)

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