Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thankful and Random

Today, I have a thankful heart. (along with some completely random thoughts)

Last night as I was driving home, I was thinking of all the great people in my life. The times where I was weak or cold hearted, the times I where all I could see was darkness, the times where I didn't think I could go anymore. The times I lost all faith, or the times I was purely joyful. The times I was up or the times I was down. I'm thankful for the people who remained the same, encouraging and prayerful. The friends who forgive and the friends who forget. The people in my life who challenge me and don't just tell me what I want to hear.
So today I'm thinking about the growth I've experienced through those hard time and good times. The growth that I've been able to acheive because of those positive and uplifting people in my life..

I'm thankful for the people who didn't stick me with guilt or grief due to my lackings or selfishness. Instead, they showed me how to live in selflessness. I'm thankful for the people who stuck by and prayed for me. I'm thankful for the friends that allow me to pray for them. I'm thankful for the people who relieve me of expectations and standards.

I'm thankful for opportunities. Every situation I come across provides me with an opportunity. Go this way, or go that way. Choose this or choose that.

Seek each moment, each grief, each moment as an opportunity. Do not just seek opportunity from your own life, but from others as well. If one is hurting or in pain, what is it God is trying to teach you through them? If you are angry or bitter at another, what is God teaching you about their life? If someone is living selfishly, how can you learn from them? Take each moment and pray. God is teaching you. But in order to learn you but listen. In order to become better, you must seek change. God cannot change you if your heart is not open.

Have a learning heart.

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