Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Green Monster

I've started the experimentations with the beloved green monster. What is a green monster you ask? It's your choice of any green leafy vegetable mixed in with something sweet and tasty! I've been intrigued by the different recipes so I knew I had to give it a go.
Mine this morning started off with about two cups of spinach

Then about 1/4 of a cup of oj

Then some grapes

Almond Milk

A dash of cinnamon and some ice and I blended away.

Verdict: YUM! I like the texture and I like the sweetness that the orange juice and grapes give.

[Oh, I also put ground flaxseed in it for the omegas.]

I'm loving the green monster, I like being a part of the process, so putting in the fresh ingredients individually makes my heart happy. I liked seeing the spinach turn into a creamy delicous treat. Sorry for the lack of personal pictures, I made it super early this morning and had to rush of to work on this rainy morning!

To add to this delightful week, yesterday I finished the book of Matthew in the NT. I'm so happy I read it because I learned so much and I had no idea what I was missing out on. Since I finished that, I've decided that my next read will be Champagne for the Soul! This book was given to me on Sunday from Ro, Matthew's mom. : ) I'm really excited about it and I so far love it! The book is all about favorite topic!

I'd love to hear about people's thought on joy, do you think you have joy? What brings you joy and does it come and go?
I'll be updating my thoughts and feelings on the book, so far it's a GREAT read!


  1. Hi! I just came across your blog. :)

    I've never thought about doing things like OJ in a green monster. What a great idea.

    That books sounds like a good one. I love the topic of joy. I have an entire post dedicated to it as part of the 30 Days of Self Love series I did on my blog in September. I think we have to open our eyes to the many ways joy exists. Each day we have the opportunity to find joy. I don't think it just comes to us. I think we have to be willing to open our hearts to it. And joy doesn't mean things are always going well. It simply means finding something to appreciate and holding onto it, despite anything else.

  2. beautifully said! and the oj makes the green monster nice and sweet, you should definitely try it:)