Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This past weekend, my long run was scheduled to be nine miles. It was the second time I've run 9 lovely miles (most I've gone so far is 10). While on this hard, nine mile run, I realized I'm still 4 miles away from getting to a half marathon and I'm not even going to do the math to see how much I'd have to do to get to marathon status. I have a long way to go, my friends.

Speaking of long miles, if ya'll don't already know, I've had major knee issues as in 3 surgeries. Diva knee! I've been praying so hard that my knee holds up through all of my training and I really believe it'll be ok!

Back to what I was talking about, my run on Sunday was hard but it wasn't mentally hard. I actually went into feeling excited and ready. Everything was great (breathing/stomach/arms/feet) except for my knee. Typically, I don't start feeling aches in my knee until mile 7 so it's usually very tolerable. This go around, it hurt the.whole.time. Last week I ran 10 and I didn't stretch a ton or ice so I'm thinking that was what happened. Anyways,  I decided on mile 7 that I was going to go home and take an ice bath and pretty much thought about it the rest of my run. I've never taken one before but I am not a fan of being cold and I take super hot showers so I figured I would struggle through it. YA'LL, it was so painful! And I don't even know if it worked? Is that normal? Knee still hurts afterward=failed ice bath?

SO- this Saturday, the plan is to run 12-14 miles so I'm sure I will have a lot to talk about.

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