Friday, August 2, 2013

Run for THEM

Last night, I joined a few of my teammates to do a weeknight training run and we met over by Lipscomb University. We set out to run 5 miles which is considered an easy run. I loved the route, we ran all along "the strip", which is in between Lipscomb and Belmont. There are a lot of cute restaurants and houses and tons of people around. During runs, I rank scenic to be the most important aspect so I enjoyed it!

Before we set out on our run, someone started talking about Saturdays "Mission Moment." Me being the newcomer that I am, asked "what is a mission moment?" They started talking about how before every long run on Saturdays, someone talks about their connection with Leukemia or Lymphoma. As they were talking, someone started talking to me on the side saying who was here for what. She pointed over at one guy and said, "He is here because his daughter is a survivor," and looked over at another guy and said, "He is here because his wife died two years ago because of the disease." Tears started building up in my eyes (as they are right now as I type this). I looked at these people I was surrounded with and realized this is so much bigger than me. I immediately felt this huge gust of compassion and motivation, and I knew I was running for someone's wife and someone's daughter.

When I set out to do TNT, I was concerned because I didn't have an affiliation with it. That's not a concern anymore, I am 100% involved with this. I'm running with people who have been impacted GREATLY by this blood disease and I now know why I'm doing this. I have no doubt the Lord will provide finances to complete this journey and I am going to do the most I can to bring awareness and make a change.

If you can, please visit my fundraising page and make a donation! Every bit counts!

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