Friday, August 9, 2013


I've decided I want to clean out my closet and I want to clean out our house. The following items, below, are for sale. I am currently selling them through craigslist, amazon, or ebay but they'll go to the first person who says here yee here yee.

All proceeds will go to my fundraiser for Team in Training!

Please e-mail me at if you'd like to make a purchase or inquire about one of these lovely items! More will come!

 Here, we have a lovely JCREW pencil skirt, size 4. I apologize for not ironing it, but I can if that will sell it to you. The color is a yellowish/green? I can send you more pictures if you'd like. It's quite lovely, I just never wear it.

Moving on, here is a precious little bow belt. I've tried the belt thing, not into it. This one will go more around your hips and I would not consider this a high waist belt, although you can give it a shot! I'd say this is a size small/medium.

Here, a target skirt I about melted over and impulsively purchased because Target will do that to you! I like it but I don't love it so I'm getting rid of it. I believe this can be worn as a high waist or regular waist skirt, depends on your size. This is a size small.
Best offer$

And last, our dining room table! It's painted white all over and yellow on the bottom. Paint has chipped in certain areas. It can probably be stripped and repainted or you may be able to paint over it.
Best Offer$

Thanks for shopping!

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